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All Documents Immediately Sent to the appropriate Building Codes Dept.

Termidor Treatment to All Vulnerable Areas

Transferrable Lifetime Warranty (Formosan Termites Included)  Protect Your Clients With the Very Best

Competitive Pricing

Unprecedented Level of Customer Service


Touchup Treatments Included with Wood Pretreats

BoraCare Wood Treatments are Standard 

Soil Treatments Optional

Options for Pretreats Include a Hybrid Program using both Termidor and BoraCare 



Trezza Termite & Pest Control recognizes the need for additional support in the field of Termite Control and Repair Management..   We identified this as an opportunity to provide a meaningful service to the residents of our beautiful area.  TTPC is proud to introduce the LowCountry's first 3rd party inspection program.  Whether you have an existing termite problem or not, you can benefit from our program.  Our Independent Inspection program relies on the same comprehensive termite inspection protocols that we provide for customers who take advantage of our termite protections.  Your report will document in detail the conditions of the property as it relates to termites, moisture, and other obvious pest activity


  If you currently have active termites and would like a qualified evaluation, we are here for you..  We can say with authority that you will appreciate the value of our service and you can be confident in your decision to choose Trezza Termite & Pest Control.

TTPC's Independent Inspection Program is Now Offering:

Pre-Spray Foam Inspection

Formosan Termite Consulting

Formosan Termite Recovery

Subterranean Termite Recovery

Independent Inspections

Property Inspections (CL-100)

Subterranean Termite Control Including Formosan Termites

What do you need to know?  A lot more about termites than you probably ever wanted to know.  In a nutshell, the LowCountry is nestled directly in what is well known as the "Termite Belt" and or in an area with extreme termite pressure.  We share this beautiful area with two primary groups of subterranean termites.  Our native species of termite that we will loosely call Eastern Subterranean Termites and the Invasive Formosan Termites.  Formosan Termites were brought back to the United States after WWII aboard ships.  The first documented sighting on the East Coast occurred in the mid 1950's in Charleston SC.  We don't know exactly when Formosan Termites were introduced in to the southern portions of the LowCountry but it's estimated that our levels are ten to twenty years behind that of Charleston, with Hilton Head Island being what most consider as "Ground Zero" in our area.  Formosan Termite colonies can consist of well over 1-million mouths to feed, they are determined, resilient and very hungry.  At the time of writing, our team has documented  colonies occupying every zip code in Beaufort County.   


  Your home may be your single biggest investment.  Protect it with Trezza Termite & Pest Control. 


So... What now?  Review your existing termite coverages, check to be sure Formosan Termites are included, and consider the comprehensiveness of your annual inspection program with your existing provider.  Does it feel sufficient?  Do you have any obvious moisture problems?  What termite technology is protecting your home currently? There really is a lot to consider.  Let TTPC help.  Call us today for a free inspection estimate at 843-816-5609.

What Makes TTPC The Very Best?

Lifetime Transferrable Termite Warranty  -  Formosan Termite Experience and Coverage  -  Thermal Imaging Used During Inspections  -  Extraordinarily Comprehensive Inspection Program   -  Booster Treatments Included   -  Photos... Lots of Photos  -  Knowledge and the desire to be the very best.



TTPC recognizes the uniqueness and diversity of the environment in which we serve and the people whom we serve.  Our Routine Pest Control Programs are designed with those complexities in mind.  TTPC offers Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly and As-Needed service programs designed with this in mind.  All of our pest control programs (unless specified otherwise) include the following:

-  The physical removal of WEBS, WASPS & MUD DAUBERS



-  All routine pest control programs are GUARANTEED.  Return visits are highly prioritized and provided at NO COST.

-  Our focus is to STOP INSECTS OUTSIDE before they get inside.  We are very good at what we do.  No pesticide will be applied inside your home unless it's needed for a particular situation or requested by you.  The days of performing preventative pest control treatments on the inside of a home are mostly behind us.  This means your home is healthier and your family is better for it. 


Insects are an important part of the LowCountry and we all must do our part to protect them, but that doesn't mean that we have to share homes and buildings with them.  Call Trezza Termite & Pest Control today to learn more so that we can build the program that works best for you, your family and your home.



Image by Syed Ali


TTPC's Mosquito Control Solution is unlike any other.  The goal is to safely and effectively kill and repel adult mosquitoes before they have an opportunity to ruin your outdoor experience.  Our program incudes the treatment of mosquito harborage with highly repellent long lasting adulticides and the modification or larvicide treatment of mosquito habitat in and around the control area.

Why Choose Trezza? 


  TTPC will take great care not to treat or contaminate edible vegetation and flowering plants.  Protecting your health and the health of our pollinators is our #1 priority. 

Before performing any treatment our technicians will walk through the treatment area to remove toys, pet food and other sensitive items.  At this time we will also identify and make note of sensitive areas and areas that can not be treated traditionally. If alternate methods are available to viably treat those areas, than a treatment of those areas will be performed. 

Products will be rotated as needed (unless otherwise specified) to offer more control and better effectiveness.  Although gnat control can not be guaranteed over a long period of time there are some things that we can and will do to offer relief during the times of year where they are more pronounced.

Thermal fogging of drain systems, gutters, sewers, sheds and other areas is available and provided when needed.

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